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Subordinate Theme


Let's Practice 12.2
Beethoven, Piano Sonata in C minor, Op. 10/1
first movement, 56–105 (R=2N)

  1. m. 94; yes; an IAC at m. 76
  2. presentation
  3. presentation (repeated); the acceleration of surface rhythms might suggest continuation function; but the passage is better understood as a variation on the preceding presentation
  4. continuation becomes cadential
  5. dominant
  6. closing section; it is made up of a 4-m. codetta, which is repeated (mm. 99–102) and whose last half is fragmented (mm. 103–05)
  7. no; the harmonic progression V – I is prolongational, not cadential; mm. 103–05 is a codetta, not a cadence

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