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Let's Practice 14.3
Haydn, Piano Sonata in E-flat, H. 49
first movement, 144–60

  1. The opening six measures are the same as in the exposition. At m. 150, the shift to LK does not yield a modulation (as in the exposition), but rather is newly sequenced (in the sense of a "secondary development") to tonicize IV and II (mm. 150 and 151 respectively). Further continuation keeps this adjusted transition in the home key, leading eventually to an ECP beginning with II6 at m. 154, which brings, most unusually, a closing IAC (m. 158). Eliminated from the exposition is the half cadence and standing on the dominant (along with its closing fermata), perhaps in order to maintain a sense of ongoing momentum into the beginning of the subordinate theme, which, because it eliminates its opening four measures (as materially redundant to the opening of the recapitulation, see Ex. 12.19) , begins with continuous sixteenth-note activity in what had earlier been "continuational" material in the exposition.

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