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Slow Introduction


Let's Practice 16.2
Beethoven, Piano Sonata in C minor, Op. 13
first movement, 1–13

  1. two parts (mm. 1–5; 5–11); SK: PAC at m. 5, HK: PAC at m. 11 (eliding with beginning of the exposition)
  2. a relatively tight-knit modulating sentence
  3. a much looser sentential form, leading to a kind of "internal premature dominant arrival" (in the sense of a subordinate theme) in the middle of m. 7, followed by a new cadential idea leading to an elided PAC; asymmetrical grouping structure; intense chromaticisim; modulation; premature dominant arrival
  4. in its bipartite cadential organization, tonal organization, and distribution of melodic–motivic ideas, it resembles a small binary more than any other conventional theme-type

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