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A Review of Harmony


Short Answer
  1. tonic, dominant, pre-dominant
  2. prolongational, cadential, sequential
  3. a prolonged harmony is sustained in time via the use of a subordinate harmony
  4. submediant (VI)
  5. they all contain #4
  6. a neighboring chord occurs between a prolonged harmony in the same position (e.g., root position), a passing chord occurs between a prolonged harmony that changes position (e.g., from root position to first inversion)
  7. prolongational
  8. deceptive cadential
  9. with a cadential six-four
  10. an penultimate dominant is the second-to-last harmony in a cadential progression and typically leads to the tonic—the cadential goal; an ultimate dominant is the final harmony of a cadential progression and thus serves as the harmonic goal