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An LMS SYSNOISE HOWTO ("Hello pipe!") by Tristan Matthews


This document outlines the basic steps required to determine the acoustic impedance at a given point inside an open-closed pipe, using LMS Sysnoise in conjunction with MATLAB. Note that the majority of operations done in Sysnoise can be accomplished by entering commands either directly into Sysnoise's command-line input window, or by running a .cmd file (like a batch file) from Sysnoise. This can automate any operation in Synoise, and drastically reduce the amount of time required to run multiple simulations. However, certain operations such as selecting a surface may be easier to accomplish graphically. Sysnoise has a command history window which keeps track of all the commands entered, so a command accomplished via the GUI can be recreated by taking note of the corresponding command recorded in this window.


The script pipemesh.m will create a NASTRAN format 2D mesh called “pipemesh.dat” which can be imported into Sysnoise. Sysnoise will also accept the IDEAS, ANSYS, FREE and USER-DEFINED mesh formats. This particular script creates an axisymmetric mesh of an open closed pipe of radius 0.02 m and length 0.5 m. “pipemesh.m” is a good starting point for anyone using Matlab to do their meshing, or to see how a NASTRAN format mesh can be generated.


Extracting response data in Matlab