README: wiat The Wind Instrument Acoustic Toolkit

Author: Antoine Lefebvre
Date: 2008-05-15
Web site:
Copyright: This document has been placed in the public domain.



This toolkit consists of a package of computer programs useful for researchers in wind instrument musical acoustics and eventually, the wind instrument designer as well. It includes both simulation and measurement capabilities. Researchers from musical acoustics laboratories around the world are invited to collaborate in its development to keep it up to date with the latest theoretical results.

Copyright 2008 Antoine Lefebvre (


wiat requires python, numpy, scipy and matplotlib.


From the source distribution, extract the archive and run

python install


Look in the doc/ and Examples/ subdirectories. The tests/ directory can be useful as well. Documentation for all the classes and functions is available on the website at

and in the doc/epydoc directory.


The naming conventions for this project are the following: * Classes: mixed case like ToneHole * Functions and methods: important functions are mixed case like CalculateImpedance(), while shorter functions are lower case with underscores like load_from_mat(). * Variables and members: lower case with underscore. Many short variable names are used in the program when they correspond to a standard name from the scientific literature.


The Wind Instrument Acoustic Toolkit is available for download from the project web site.


see INSTALL.txt


Wiat 0.1.0 released [June 2008]

Initial release of wiat - The Wind Instrument Acoustic Toolkit, version 0.1.0 It is available for download. If you find any bugs, or have suggestions for improving it, please report them. Contact information is included in the README file of the software.

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