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Philippe Leroux Philippe Leroux Co-Director of the Digital Composition Studios: Associate Professor of Composition. He was born in Boulogne Billancourt (France) on september 24th, 1959. In 1978 he entered the Paris Conservatory (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique), studied with Ivo Malec, Claude Ballif, Pierre Schäeffer and Guy Reibel and obtained three first prizes. Meanwhile, he followed classes with Olivier Messiaen, Franco Donatoni, Betsy Jolas, Jean-Claude Eloy and Iannis Xénakis.Philippe Leroux writes articles on contemporary music, has given lectures and taught composition at Berkeley University, Harvard, Grieg Academy (Bergen), Columbia University, Royal Conservatory of Copenhagen, University of Toronto, Fondation Royaumont, IRCAM, American Conservatoire at Fontainebleau, Paris and Lyon Conservatoires Nationaux Supérieurs, Domaine Forget (Quebec), and Georgia Institute of Technology at Atlanta. He is the Instructor of: MUCO-341, Digital Studio Composition I - fall 2019

Sean Ferguson Sean Ferguson Co-Director of the Digital Composition Studios: Associate Professor of Composition, former Dean of the Schulich School of Music (2011-15) and past Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and Technology(CIRMMT). He was born in the remote Northern-Alberta community of Fort Vermilion. He has lived in Montreal since 1990, where he studied composition at McGill University. His fascination with the mechanics of perception have led him to carry out extensive research in psychoacoustics and to incorporate these findings into his compositional language. The computational demands of these psychoacoustic models has also sparked his interest in computer-assisted composition. He is the Instructor of: MUCO-541, Advanced Digital Studio Composition I Fall 2019 and MUCO-342, Digital Studio Composition II - Winter 2020

alcides alcides lanza Director Emeritus of the Digital Composition Studios.Canadian-Argentinian composer, conductor and pianist born in Rosario, Argentina, in 1929. He moved to New York in 1965, having received a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship and lived there from 1965 until 1971 where he worked at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. In 1971 he was appointed professor of composition at the Faculty of Music, McGill University in Montreal.From 1974-2003 he was the director of the Electronic Music Studio (now the DCS) at McGill .

Richard McKenzie is the Technical Director of the Digital Composition Studios. He was born and raised in Montreal. A fascination with New Wave, Synthpop, Post-punk, Alternative dance music and John Cage led him to the present position in 1996. His formal training is in Electronics Engineering Technology. When he is not putting out fires he enjoys testing foot pedals.


Brice Gatinet is pursuing a Doctor of Music (D. Mus), Music Theory and Composition at the Schulich School of Music with professor Philippe Leroux. He is a Teaching Assistant for: MUCO341-Digital Studio Composition I, Fall 2018.


Takuto Fukuda (b.1984/Japan) is a composer, sound artist and gesture controller performer. He is pursuing a D.Mus in Composition at McGill University under the supervision of Prof. Georgia Spiropoulos and Chris Paul Harman. He is a Teaching Assistant for: MUCO541-Advanced Digital Studio Composition I, Fall 2019.