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  Anthony Tan (Bio)

Anthony Tan aims to write music inspired by somaticism, biological metaphors, auditory illusions, and non-western musical systems. His music has been performed by Ensemble Cairn (France), L'Orchestre de la Francophonie Canadienne (Canada), the Ensemble Moderne Academie (Germany), the Rubbing Stone Ensemble (Canada) and the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble (Canada).

Anthony Tan was a laureate of the 2008 International Composer Competition of the Hamburg Klangwerktage. Other awards include the Gold medal from the Royal Conservatory of Music and numerous grants from the Alberta Foundation of the Arts and the Canada Council for the Arts. He has attended the National Arts Centre Composer's Program and the Academie Internationale de Composition du Blanc-Mesnil. Tan has also had the unique opportunity to work at the Cantos Music Foundation in Calgary where he served as an interpreter of their musical instruments as well as spent summers creating audio and literary documentation of their collection.

Tan is also involved with music for contemporary dance and has written for companies such as the Merce Cunningham School (New York), Tangente (Montreal), and Ephemeral Industry (Calgary) as well as various independent choreographers in Montreal, and Calgary.

Prior to his research as a composer, he studied genetics, mathematics, and eastern philosophy. He is currently pursuing his PhD in composition at McGill University in Montreal, Canada under the supervision of John Rea and is a student member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and Technology (CIRMMT) where he is a research assistant in the Expanded Musical Practice Axis under Sean Ferguson.

Anthony Tan