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DAFx 2006 Concert

The following photos were taken during the rehearsals and concert of the 2006 DAFx Conference at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University. The 9th edition of the International Conference on Digital Audio Effects was held in Montreal, Canada, from September 18 to 20 and was organized by the Music Technology Group of the Schulich School of Music, McGill University. The DAFx 2006 concert was produced by CIRMMT, with the financial support of DAFx 2006 and the technical assistance of the McGill Digital Composition Studios. A complete listing of all of the conference activities can be found on the DAFx 2006 web site.

Technical support: Richard McKenzie, Joe Malloch, Kent Walker

Sean Ferguson, Director of the Digital Composition Studios and Associate Director of CIRMMT, thanks the DAFx 2006 Conference for the invitation and financial support to produce this concert.

Percussionist Fabrice Marandola performs Multiplication Virtuelle by Mei-Fang Lin. Mr. Marandola teaches percussion at McGill and is a member of CIRMMT.

Fabrice Marandola during his performance of Multiplication Virtuelle.

Receiving the audience's applause.

The stage setup during the performance of Little Box by Claire-Melanie Sinnhuber. Note the two large-screen HD TVs that were used to project the processed ../images of the percussionist's hands on the laptop computer. A performance handbook for this piece may be found on the IRCAM website. Search for the title of the piece on the web page.

Percussionist Fernando Rocha, a doctoral student in percussion performance at McGill, following his performance of Little Box for amplified laptop

Clarinettist Jean-Guy Boisvert prepares to perform deflector by Langlois Foundation Visiting Professor (2005-06) Laurie Radford.

Soprano Julieanne Klein, doctoral student in voice at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University, following her virtuosic performance of Erba nera che cresci segno nero tu vivi by Mauro Lanza. Mr. Lanza is a Langlois Foundation Visiting Professor, and is currently carrying out a large research/creation project with the support of this program. The resulting piece will be premiered in March 2007 during the Montreal New Music Festival.

Jean-Guy Boisvert is assisted by Kent Walker, Ph.D. student in sound recording, during rehearsals. The microphone is an SD Systems LCM 82.

Joe Malloch (l.) and Kent Walker during rehearsals with Fabrice Marandola in the McGill Digital Composition Studios. This is the main composition studio of the DCS, and is connected to a rehearsal space for live electronics that can be seen through the window in this photo.

Fabrice Marandola rehearsing in the McGill Digital Composition Studios. This room (which has since received extensive acoustic treatment) is used for recordings by composers of material for pieces they are working on, as well as for rehearsals. It is large enough to accommodate a small chamber ensemble or, as is the case here, a large multi-percussion setup. The entire setup may be seen in the photo from the concert above.

Neil Middleton, Joe Malloch and Julieanne Klein during the dress rehearsal.

Kent Walker tunes the 8-speaker sound reinforcement system using the Digital Composition Studio's dbx DriveRack unit.

The technical team for the concert: Joe Malloch, Kent Walker and Richard McKenzie (l-r). Richard McKenzie is the Technical Director of the Digital Composition Studios.

Jean-Guy Boisvert during the dress rehearsal of deflector.

Fernando Rocha rehearsing Little Box. This piece requires four computers and uses the laptop as an acoustic sound source. The movement of the performer's hands are tracked using EyesWeb and video of the hands is processed using Jitter.