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MUCO 342 '11 Class Concert - Photo Sampler

The following photos were taken during the rehearsal/class concert of MUCO 342 held March 26th at the Schulich School of Music's Tanna Schulich Hall.

Francis Leduc-Bé

McGill trumpet student Francis Leduc-Bélanger

Dominique Lafortune

McGill composition student Dominique Lafortune (right) with 342 Instructor Anthony Tan

Dimitroff and Schoepfin

McGill students Mark Dimitroff on clarinet and Kate Schoepfin on bass clarinet

Brenna Langille

Composition student Brenna Langille (right) with Anthony Tan

Matthew Daher

Composition student Matthew Daher (right) with Anthony Tan

Ted Crosby

McGill student Ted Crosby on tenor sax

Marie-Clade Codsi

Composition student Marie-Claude Codsi with Anthony Tan

Zoe Robertson

McGill student Zoe Robertson on alto sax