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MUCO 542 '10 Class Concert - Photo Sampler

The following photos were taken during the rehearsal/class concert of MUCO 542 held March 28th at the Schulich School of Music's Tanna Schulich Hall.

Patrick Hart

Masters Composition student Patrick Hart was first up for the dress rehearsal

Rebecca Molinari

McGill performance student Rebecca Molinari on recorder

Beavan Flanagan

Composition student Beavan Flanagan at the controls

Mira Benjamin

McGill performance student Mira Benjamin on violin ( DPA 4061 and Shure wireless )

William Kuo

David Adamcyk (left) with composition student William Kuo

Sarah Highland

McGill performance student Sarah Highland on bassoon

Louis-Pierre Bergeron

McGill performance student Louis-Pierre Bergeron on Horn

Kolya Kowalchuk

Composition Student Kolya Kowalchuk at the controls

Kayla Campbell

McGill jazz trombone student Kayla Campbell