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MusiMars 2008 - Photo Sampler

The following photos were taken during the 2008 MusiMars Festival at the Schulich School of Music's Pollack Hall.

Professor Sean Ferguson(middle) at the console along with Ph.D candidate in music technology Nils Peters(left) and sound recording masters student Kensuke Irie(right) during the dress rehearsal for Sean's 'Ex Asperis'

Doctoral candidate in performance(cello) Chloé Dominguez prepares for the rehearsal of 'Ex Asperis'

Doctoral Candidate in percussion Fernando Rocha on his "island" , prepares for rehearsal of 'Ex Asperis'

A view of Fernando's island showing more of the the equipment involved

The percussion platform on stage for Shawn Mativetsky's Tabla music performance

The set-up for Julian Anderson's "The Book of Hours"

At the mixer (L-R) for "The Book of Hours" are Masters Sound Recording student Kensuke Irie and Masters Composition student Anthony Tan