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MusiMars 2009 - Photo Sampler (2/2)

The following photos were taken during the 2009 MusiMars Festival at the Schulich School of Music's Pollack Hall.

Keyboard wizard Kimihiro Yasaka played the "electric" samples for Félix Frédéric Baril's "Mémographie"

A view of the keyboard set-up used by Kimihiro

A view of the McGill Symhony on stage rehearsing "Mémographie"

Félix Frédéric Baril at the mixing console

Félix on stage with the McGill Symphony after their performance of "Mémographie"

The Solaris string trio

The Soprano Elena Vassilieva performs Alexander Raskatov's "Ritual"

Composer Alexander Raskatov at the piano with wife Elena Vassilieva during their rehearsal of Raskatov's -Seven stages of "Hallelujah"-

Mark Bradley , Solo Clarinetist for Scelsi's "Kya"

Denys Bouliane conducting CME + Mark Bradley during the dress of Scelsi's "Kya"

Denys Bouliane conducting the CME during the dress of John Adams' "Son of Chamber Symphony"

Denys Bouliane leads the CME through a rehearsal of Alexander Raskatov's "Xenia"