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MusiMars 2010 - Photo Sampler (1/2)

The following photos were taken during the 2010 MusiMars Festival at the Schulich School of Music

Toca Loca (Gregory Ho , Aiyun Huang and Simon Docking) rehearse David Adamcyk's "Open (hommage à Kagel)"

Percussionists Ben Duinker (front) and Eric Derr performing Mauricio Kagel's "Dressur" Friday March 5th in Redpath Hall

Violinist Mira Benjamin performing "The Only Line" by Georges Aperghis

Denys Bouliane leads the CME, with guest soloist Stéphane Lévesque, through a spirited "Concerto pour basson et sept cordes graves" by Ana Sokolovic

Soprano Julianne Klein performs "De Vive Voix II" by Marlon Schumacher

Aiyun Huang performing "le Corps à corps" by Georges Aperghis

(Left to Right) Carissa Klopoushak, Chloé Dominguez, Sara Laimon, Ingrid Schmithüsen, Claire Marchand and Simon Aldrich perform Arnold Schönberg's "Pierrot Lunaire"