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DCS Special Concert 2009,Reception - Photo Sampler

The following photos are from the DCS Special Concert reception held November 15th in the lobby of Tanna Hall

The Spread

A view of the Tanna Lobby where the reception was held

Sean,Paul and alcides

Director of the DCS (and Director of CIRMMT) Sean Ferguson with Paul Pedersen and alcides lanza

Mativetsky,lanza and Sheppard

The 'Ontem' team - Shawn Mativetsky with alcides lanza and Meg Sheppard

Austin,Mather and Minorgan

Kevin Austin with retired McGill composition professor Bruce Mather and Associate Dean of the Schulich School of Music , Bruce Minorgan

Nancy Soulsby , Paul Pedersen, Luba Zuk and Jean Pedersen

McGill Conservatory of Music's Nancy Soulsby with Paul Pedersen , Pianist Luba Zuk and Jean Pedersen

Fun Times !

Masters composition student Taylor Brook with McGill grad Marielle Groven, violinist Mira Benjamin and composition student Beavan Flanagan