Introduction to the CIRMMT Live Electronics Framework

Today we reviewed some of the most popular signal processing techniques used in live-electronics music repertoire.

These included:

  • delays (tap/feedback delays)
  • flanger, chorus, phaser
  • reverberation
  • filtering (IIR/FIR also sometimes referred to as resonant vs fft)
  • modulation (AM, FM, Ringmodulation)
  • pitch shifting and harmonization
  • Convolution, Cross-synthesis
  • phase vocoding (time-stretching and freezing of sounds)

We also listened to the a short excerpt of Traces I by M. Matalon to train our ears in recognizing audio processings and then verified with the score.

In the second part of the class we started working with the CIRMMT Live Electronics Framework. We looked at some of the basic concepts, i.e. the 3 main VIEWS

  • Performance View
  • Modules View
  • Events View

We created a simple project starting from the template CLEF-project.maxpat which you can find in the folder /templates inside the CLEF folder. More specifically:

  • We learned how to instantiated modules, build the dsp matrix and then connect them using the [clef.routing.wgt].
  • We controlled the modules through the pattr clientwindow or by using messages on the control-bus.
  • We made new Events in the events-view
  • We made a list of Cues in the Performance View
  • We then saved our new Project and reloaded it

This new project is included in the weekly patches in the Downloads section (Class-9).

Please familiarize yourself with the environment by trying out different modules, making new events, dynamic controls, etc. Be creative!

You can find the CLEF Quickstart guide in the Readings section on the Downloads page. Please note, that this Quickstart guide was written for an earlier CLEF version, thus there might be slight discrepancies e.g. for the names of certain widgets.

We also determined the pieces for your presentations:

  • Raphael: Voi(REX)
  • Landon: M
  • Colin: Break
  • Steven: Winter Fragments
  • Robert: Traces I
  • Virginia: Eclosion
  • Philippe: Recession
  • Mario: Deflector
  • Elliot: En Echo

You can find this week’s assignment on myCourses.