First Class

Spatial Hearing and Rendering

In this week’s class we reviewed the some basics on spatial auditory perception, discussed perceptual cues and studied the classic Duplex Theory (Rayleigh 1907)  for localization in the horizontal plane. If you would like to do more in-depth reading on this topic this online article is a good resource. We looked at the concept of Amplitude Panning, which uses Inter-Channel Level Differences to exploit the effect of summing localization for the creation of phantom sources (articles about this can be found on the Literature list).

OpenMusic and OMPrisma

We then started OpenMusic, loaded the library OMPrisma and realized our first sound source spatializations with the class pan.discrete for stereo, quadrophonic and 5.0 panning. We used numerical specifications and also employed a bpc object to visualize the position in cartesian coordinates. Note, that while stereo and quadraphonic panning allows setting of arbitrary (symmetrical) panning functions,  the 5.0 panning is based on circular harmonics (see link below). We will look at this in more detail next class.

As your assignment for next class on January 7, 2016 please write a short (about 1-page, single-spaced) resumé of this article (in English or German) – which can be found on the Literature list – and upload it via the Uploads page before January 7. NB This will require a user login.

Here are a number of additional links:

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!