Call for Quarter-Tone Disklavier works @ UTEMS

Pleased and honoured for being selected in the call for works for the Quartertone Disklavier of the …

University of Texas at Austin Electronic Music Studios (UTEMS) at the Butler School of Music.

with my piece “6 Fragments on One Act of Cleaning a Piano” in a revised, quarter-tone version.


From the announcement:

“We didn’t know what kind of response to expect when this call was launched, and even our modest expectations were exceeded: We received 32 entries from all over the world, over 5 hours of music. Microtonal composition is thriving, and it’s clear to me that there is a hunger and interest for this work. It is truly encouraging to feel this shared interest with so many, and to know that the community is growing. […]

For the UTEMS concert taking place on Thursday December 5th, we can only present a very small fraction of these entries […]
Scribble by Åsa Harvard Maare
Tre Pezzi by Daniele Ghisi
Six Fragments of One Act of Cleaning a Piano by Marlon Schumacher
Bottom of the Barrelhouse – Double-Barreled Version by Annie Gosfield

The concert programme can be downloaded here: 12.05 Ears 1