Binaural CD Album - produced with OMPrisma

Binaural CD album release by ALEA

CD Album release by ALEA

Associazione Laboratorio Espressione Artistiche


Thrilled to hear of the release of a new CD album by ALEA, featuring contemporary acousmatic works rendered completely in binaural spatialization. Congrats to the association and its artistic director Marco Bidin!

On a personal note: always happy when r&d work leads to artistic results! Already curious to listen to this record which was produced 70% with one of my software projects (OMPrisma library) Also, this will be the first purely binaural CD album in my collection yet

If I get to it I’d be happy to develop a free app  / tool or extensions to existing ones, such as Multiplayer and Binauralizer, allowing for
  1.  headtracking using commercially available, off-the-shelf-hardware (maybe your laptop’s camera ;)
  2. transaural rendering to enjoy the record without headphones on standard stereo loudspeakers
  3. a combination of both (rather complicated :P)


From the original announcement:


New CD by Association ALEA.

Collaborative project with Tiange Zhou (UC San Diego), our first production of electroacoustic music focused on three-dimensional sonic experience, featuring works specifically composed or re-arranged for binaural spatialisation.

This music is intended to be listened with headphones, it however possible to listen with normal hi-fi speakers.

The binaural spatialisation was realised mainly with the OpenMusic library OM-Prisma (by Marlon Schumacher) and with the IRCAM Spat in Max/MSP (by Thibaut Carpentier).

We are delighted by the aesthetic result and the overall aural perception, therefore we will further experiment this technique for our next works. In the near future, we will post some links to sound examples: please leave your feedback, we would love to receive comments and suggestions to improve the listening experience!