First live-streaming concert of 2021 @ MusicDesk

I am excited for the upcoming issue of the live-streaming concert series Hypersounds on January 8th, 2021 @ 22:00 (UCT +1) by

Musicdesk – the global music platform


This concert will be my first in the year 2021, featuring  two pieces:

based on text by S. Beckett, composed during my computermusic studies in Stuttgart in 2009

based on a concrete recording of Franziska Koch, composed during a residence at Ircam in 2013.

Both works are completely computer-generated using software I developed (OMPursuit and OM-SoX) which can be found in the development section of this website. You can find program notes, including a description of the algorithmic creation process here and here.

Below are versions of renderings of the pieces from my soundcloud:

You can find the link to the videostream of the concert on the next page.