Inside Out

A networked intermedia performance-installation

Inside Out aims to confront the spectator with the conflicting ideologies of privacy, freedom and communication exemplified by internet culture. A photo booth and telephone booth serve as interaction terminals gathering and recombining data from visitors to create an audiovisual environment in three interrelated rooms: Realtime 2D/3D graphics rendering on multiple projection screens, computer vision techniques, STT/TTS, interactive control of topological spatialization and descriptor-based audio synthesis.

The above video is a short rough cut documenting some aspects of r&d (at McGill University and Nomad Industries), installation and performance of the “Inside Out” project in the premises of the Goethe Institut Montréal, February 28th, 2015.

“Inside Out” – Intermedia Performance-Installation
Montréal en Lumière/Nuit Blanche/Montréal New Music Festival
@Goethe Institut Montréal, 28.02.2015, 8pm-2am.

For project website click here.

Video Credits: June Barry, Audréane Beaucage.