CD presentation @ Ircam Forum Paris 2021

Always glad when R&D efforts find real-world artistic/professional applications:

 Congrats to Marco Bidin and Tiange Zhou who published a website article on the release of the CD album “music for headphones”, available at ALEA music association (see also this previous post).
 I think it is a very interesting project/demarche to produce an entire album of binaurally rendered pieces with lots of room for discussion on the artistic/production consequences and choices.
A great majority of the works on the CD have been rendered using classes for binaural spatialization as part of the OMPrisma framework.

Here is a link to the article:

And some screenshots of patches used in the production:

Paper @ Ircam Forum Hors-les-murs 2021

Glad to present recent research developments within the

IRCAM Forum Workshops hors les murs
Montreal (online), February 4–5–6 and 11–12, 2021

dedicated to Spatialization, Orchestration, Perception.

In this online event Nuria Gimenez-Comas and yours truly will present our project exploring the notions of sound synthesis with spatial textures and shapes.

The PDF with the program can be found here:


Abstract can be found on next page:


First live-streaming concert of 2021 @ MusicDesk

I am excited for the upcoming issue of the live-streaming concert series Hypersounds on January 8th, 2021 @ 22:00 (UCT +1) by

Musicdesk – the global music platform


This concert will be my first in the year 2021, featuring  two pieces:

based on text by S. Beckett, composed during my computermusic studies in Stuttgart in 2009

based on a concrete recording of Franziska Koch, composed during a residence at Ircam in 2013.

Both works are completely computer-generated using software I developed (OMPursuit and OM-SoX) which can be found in the development section of this website. You can find program notes, including a description of the algorithmic creation process here and here.

Below are versions of renderings of the pieces from my soundcloud:

You can find the link to the videostream of the concert on the next page.

Binaural CD Album - produced with OMPrisma

Binaural CD album release by ALEA

CD Album release by ALEA Associazione Laboratorio Espressione Artistiche   Thrilled to hear of the release of a new CD album by ALEA, featuring contemporary acousmatic works rendered completely in binaural spatialization. Congrats to the association and its artistic director Marco Bidin! On a personal note: always happy when r&d work leads to artistic results! Already curious to listen to […]


Call for Quarter-Tone Disklavier works @ UTEMS

Pleased and honoured for being selected in the call for works for the Quartertone Disklavier of the … University of Texas at Austin Electronic Music Studios (UTEMS) at the Butler School of Music. with my piece “6 Fragments on One Act of Cleaning a Piano” in a revised, quarter-tone version. From the announcement: “We didn’t know what kind […]


…of Spatial Sculptures, Textures and Synthesis

Today starts the exhibition of my artistic research residency projects together with Nuria Gimenez-Comas at the Kubus hall of the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe. The 3d-Texture and Spatial Sound Synthesis employs new extensions to the OMPrisma library I developed for this project during our residencies at IRCAM in October 2017 and February 2018. The photos below show […]


Eröffnung des Landeszentrums für Musikjournalismus und Musikinformatik

Eröffnung: 25.4.2018 Im Sommersemester 2017 wurde von den Studierenden Marnin Jahnke, Tobias Grothmann und Elke Schächtele innerhalb der Studienprojekte Lehrveranstaltung von Prof. Dr. Schumacher eine installative Live Coding Ambient-Performance mit optionalen Interaktionsmöglichkeiten entwickelt. Diese wurde speziell unter den Design-Gesichtspunkten für den Rahmen einer Darbietung zur Kultusministerkonferenz im Literaturhaus Stuttgart am 31. Mai 2017 entwickelt und uraufgeführt. […]

Digital Orchestra Toolbox featured on Cycling74.com

Content You Need: Digital Orchestra Toolbox ” We tend to focus a lot on new Max objects in the Package Manager, but with Max there are many ways to solve problems without compiling externals. This Package Manager release brings a collection of highly practical Max abstractions from McGill University’s IDMIL, designed with music and digital […]


IRCAM/ZKM Research Residency – Stay 2

February 12 – 16 was the second stay of my research residency @ Ircam/ZKM. We had studio 5 to work on a spaced loudspeaker setup consisting of 2 equilateral triangles and 2 centered loudspeakers. As part of this residency I added new functionalities for control of compound sound sources (multi-source approaches) with spatial properties such as […]

Diemo by Shun Kambe SHN_5967


We are very happy to welcome Diemo Schwarz as the next guest of our Distinguished Talks series. This event ist the 7th issue  at the Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology of the Hochschule für Musik, Karlsruhe. Place: MUT207,  Hochschule für Musik, Karlsruhe.  Wolfartsweierer Str. 7, 76131 Karlsruhe Date: January 12, 2017. In this one-day presentation/workshop, Diemo Schwarz will discuss corpus-based concatenative synthesis (CBCS), […]