Duo pour un violoncelle et un danseur

The video above shows excerpts of a performance by cellist Chloé Dominguez and dancer Elijah Brown of the piece Duo pour un violoncelle et un danseur,  for which I developed the live electronics, i.e. gestural control of real-time sampling, sound synthesis and spatialization (Ambisonics-Equivalent-Panning) using 24 Loudspeakers arranged in a rectangle surrounding the audience.

The piece is an artistic collaboration between choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde and composer Sean Ferguson, presented by CIRMMT and Van Grimde Corps Secrets Dance Company, in partnership with the Schulich School of Music, the McGill Digital Composition Studios and Agora de la danse.

In this work a dancer performs with a gestural controller called the T-stick, developed by J. Malloch as part of the McGill Digital Orchestra Project in the Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory with student funding from CIRMMT.