Integra is a EU-funded art/research project (more information below)

Description from the Integra II description:

Integra brings together six research centres and five new music ensembles and is led by Birmingham Conservatoire at Birmingham City University in the UK. We are developing a new software environment to make music with live electronics, modernising works that use old technology, commissioning composers and overseeing an exciting programme of performances.

Aims: To establish a European performance tradition of music with live electronics; promote interdisciplinary dialogue between scientific and artistic communities; encourage the creation of new work using technology across art forms; support creative use of live electronics technologies within educational institutions; advocate widespread adoption of the Integra software environment – a European composition and performance environment for sharing live music technologies.


In this project I’ve been in charge of CIRMMT’s contributions for the development of a Graphical User Interface which served as the Prototype and Wireframe for the software IntegraLive. Our application, titled “IntegraMaxGUI” was written in MaxMSP, making extensive use of thispatcher scripting and javascript. Some of these concepts have been further developed in the CIRMMT Live Electronics Framework.

Below is a screencast giving a whistle-stop tour of the software.

Integra GUI prototype screencast from Integra Lab on Vimeo.





The EVENTS PANE: showing a Module Inspector on the left, and a Graphical Representation of signal Routing on the right.


Map view of the OpenSoundControl namespace



Collaborating Research Centres:

Collaborating Ensembles: