Software Development Supervision

Software Development Supervision

Below are various software tools developed at the Institute for Musicology and Music Informatics by students and research assistants under my supervision as professor and director for the ComputerStudio of the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe.

NB the links point to GIT-repositories hosted by bitbucket which require logins for viewing.


… is a Max-based application based on IRCAM SPAT (4.x) serving as a SpatDIF-compliant Spatial Sound Renderer.

software repository by D. Lindenkreuz

IBUS Information and Booking System



– software repository by D. Hofmann

spatconvert by D. Hofmann

Spatialization Converter is a python-based application for converting loudspeaker and sound source configuration data between various sound spatialization software system formats. Currently supported and auto-identified formats:

  • lisp: LISP (List with nested lists containing (x,y,z) tuples)
  • iosono: IOSONSO XML
  • spatdif: SpatDif XML
  • zirkonium: Zirkonium XML
  • csv: CSV