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  Corpus-Based Sound Modelling for Computer-aided Composition.   Overview OM-Pursuit is a library for dictionary-based sound analysis/synthesis methods in OpenMusic. Parametric sound representations have since long served as conceptual models in composition contexts (see e.g. the French spectralist school). Today there are a number of software tools allowing composers to derive symbolic data from continuous sound phenomena, such […]



Spatial Sound Synthesis Framework for Computer-aided Composition.   Overview OMPrisma is a library for spatial sound synthesis in the computer-aided composition environment OpenMusic. In addition to working with pre-existing sound sources (i.e. sound files) it permits the synthesis of sounds with complex spatial morphologies controlled by processes developed in OpenMusic in relation to other sound […]


Visuelle Programmierung der Raum-Klangsynthese mit OpenMusic 1 Dozent: Marlon Schumacher Ort: MUT 206/207 Termine: Donnerstag 16.00 – 17.30 Uhr Website: Course Webpage  Tutor:  TBA Sprechstunden: Nach Vereinbarung Beschreibung: (90 min. Seminar) Perzeptuelle und technische Grundlagen. Methoden zur musikalischen Kontrolle von Spatialisierungsalgorithmen. Software: Auf der Downloads page. Links: Ircam Spatialization Project for Computer-aided Composition Relevante Publikationen Kursbegleitende Materialien: Siehe Literaturliste Medien: Studenten dürfen (und […]



  Symbolic Audio Manipulation and Functional Batch Processing. OM-SoX is a free, cross-platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux), open source library for symbolic audio manipulation, analysis and batch processing, integrated in the computer-aided composition (CAC) environment OpenMusic. OM-SoX implements a structured framework of classes and functions comprising > 50 audio processors. Using visual programming tools, dsp-topologies can be constructed and related to […]