Final Project

The Final Project for this course consists of either a practical or a theoretical work. You may choose from one of the two options below.

1. Realization of Project in OM/OMPrisma/LISP/Csound

a) choose a project from the list provided by the instructor on the Ilias server


b) develop an existing application (commercial, scientific, etc.) using existing or extending the tools of OM/OMPrisma. Examples: VST-Plugin, Max4Live Device, etc.


c) implement a historic approach to spatialization (by a composer, a research group, etc.) using existing or extending the functionalities of OM/OMPrisma. Examples: Halaphon, Stockhausen’s Rotational Table, etc.

As part of the project, provide a short written description of your work. Document/justify your design choices and provide references. Comment on the advantages and drawbacks of realizing this idea with OMPrisma. Word count: min. 500.


2. Critical/Comparative Discussion of a topic related to spatialization based on at least two scientific texts found on the literature list (Ilias server). Word count: min. 2500.


Please hand in your choices/proposals latest by January 30, 2017. Describe your motivations for the project and provide references. The deadline for submission of completed projects is March 13, 2017. Please submit your work as a .zip file either through the UPLOADS page on the course website, send an email with a download link, or if less than 10MBs in size, submit via email.

I am looking forward to your final projects!


You can download a pdf version of this document on the Ilias server or from here.