Friday March, 21

A 832/33 - New Music Building


16:15    Welcoming Remarks

Jessica Holmes, MGSS Symposium Chair

Dean Sean Ferguson, Schulich School of Music


16:30   Québec’s Musical Heritage

Eric Smialek (chair)


“ ‘ Le Jazz devant ses juges’: Critical Discourses on Jazz in Montreal in the 1920s”

Sandria P. Bouliane, McGill University


Lecture Recital: “ Calixa Lavallée’s Songs: A Pedagogical Perspective”

Karine St-Pierre, University of Toronto




Musical Ethnographies – Poster Session

Kelvin Chan & Eugene Negrii (chairs)


“ The Toronto Shape Note Group: The Urban Resurgence of a Rural Tradition”

Frances Miller, York University


“ Iranian Immigrant Musicians in Canada: the Dilemma of Integration and Originality”

Solmaz Shakerifard, McGill University


“ Music Teacher Evaluation in Ohio: Challenges and Perspectives”

Chia-Chieh Wu, the Ohio State University


“ Free Improvisation and Performance Anxiety in Musicians”

Kathryn Ladano, York University


“ Creating Music in the Community:
Exploring the Pedagogy of an Improvisation Workshop”

Ariel Swan, McGill University


Saturday, March 22

A 832/33 - New Music Building


9:00     Formal Parameters in Popular Music

Rebecca Flore (chair)


Itʼs More Than Just The Medley: Unity On Abbey Road”

Kelly Symons, McGill University


“ Formal Function and Terminally Climactic Forms in the Music of System Of A Down”

Dakota Killpack, Princeton University


10:00   BREAK


10:15    Popular Music, Identity, and Politics

Vanessa Blais-Tremblay (chair)


Mojo Workin’: Blues, Blackness and Identity in 1963 London”

Sean Lorre, McGill University


“ F the President: Reactions to George W. Bush in Popular Music”

Sarah Dietsche, University of Memphis


“ ‘ A Change is Gonna Come’: Bob Dylan, Interpretation, and the Implications of Genre”

Michael Turabian, McGill University


11:45    LUNCH



“ Interpretation Interminable; Desperate Listening.”

Dr. James Currie, University at Buffalo, SUNY


14:15    BREAK


14:30   Presentation of Student Awards

Dean’s Essay Prize

Graduate Sound Recording Competition


14:45   Bodies of Musical Texts: on Manuscripts, Prints, Editions, and Notes

Adam Salmond (chair)


“ John Day’s Psalm Books ‘ with apt Notes’:
Serving and Educating Elizabethan Protestants”

Lynette Bowring, Rutgers University


Bénigne de Bacilly, Physiognomy, and the Art of Singing Well”

Michael Bane, Case Western Reserve University


“ Editorial Mistakes or Musical Exegesis?:
Brahms’s Editorship and the Schubert Gesamtausgabe

Jane Hines, Bowling Green State University


16:15    BREAK


16:30   Music and Political Ideology in the 20th Century

Melvin Backstrom (chair)


“ Identity, Integrity and Mussolini’s Italy: Ottorino Respighi and Ildebrando Pizzetti

            Alessia Macaluso, York University


“ Ideological Spaces: Warsaw’s Old Town and Paweł Szymanski’s ‘ Surconventional’ Turn”

Nicholas Emmanuel, University at Buffalo, SUNY



Le Bourlingueur (363 Rue Saint François Xavier, H2Y 3P9)


Sunday March, 23

A 832/33 - New Music Building


9:30     Music in the Age of the Enlightenment

Nina Penner (chair)


“ Haydn’s Call for Peace:

The Agnus Dei Movements of Mass in Time of War and Missa in Angustiis

Rena-Marie Roussin, Acadia University


“ The Influence of French Enlightenment Philosophy and Politics on La Grotta di Trofonio

Kristin Franseen, McGill University


10:30   BREAK


10:45   Looking back: Historical (Self)-Consciousness in the 20th Century

Evan Campbell (chair)


“ ‘ A Quotation of Singular Significance’:

Beethoven’s Funeral March in Richard Strauss’s Metamorphosen

Robert Anderson, University of North Texas


“ Pythagoras, Dispatched: Listening to Tony Conrad’s Critique of La Monte Young”

­            Patrick Nickleson, University of Toronto


11:45    LUNCH



“ Concert Lecture: (About) Playing Wandelweiser

Clemens Merkel, violinist - Bozzini Quartet


14:15    BREAK


14:30   Space, Technology, and Medium

Farley Miller (chair)


“ Rewind, Fast-Forward:

Non-Commercial Cassette and Reel-to-Reel Recordings in a Gaspesian Village”

Laura Risk, McGill University


“ Deserts, Insects, Oscillators: David Dunn’s Bioregional Music”

Garrett L Johnson, Arizona State University


“ Morse Robb and the Vanishing Wave Organ:

Reconstructing the History of a Lost Canadian Innovation”

Alyssa Michaud, McGill University