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Glorifying the Screen Divas
Lloyd Whitesell

Questions and Answers:

1 - Were male movie stars glorified in the same way as women?

They were glorified, but usually not in the same way. The most obvious difference is that men were depicted as actively powerful, getting things done and affecting the world somehow. So if men were glamorized it was as action stars (pirates, cowboys, gangsters). Women were more often depicted as objects of innate beauty and inner power, which made them more likely to acquire the spiritual associations of holiness and maystical aura. But in Hitchcock's "Spellbound," Gregory Peck is depicted as passive, luminous, and visually attractive.

2 - Does Hollywood still use these techniques or are they a thing of the past?

They still do. Now there is a wider range of musical styles to draw on (disco in Saturday Night Fever, R & B in Dreamgirls, rock and roll in Grease). Within those styles, composers find ways of refashioning the familiar symbols of glorification.


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