Mini-Music 2016:
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Mini-Music  Q & A

2016 Topics and Q &A


Questions & Answers

Glorifying the Screen Divas
Prof. Lloyd Whitesell


Dematerialization and Transformations in the Music Industry of the 21st Century
Prof. Martha de Francisco


Organized Chaos: Jazz Composition and Improvisation
Prof. Christine Jensen


The Traditional Music Session: Irish Group Therapy
Prof. Sean Ferguson


2012 Topics and Q &A



Questions & Answers

The Secrets of Music Theory
Prof. Nicole Biamonte


What You Should Know Before You
Buy That Strad.
Prof. Gary Scavone


Lost and Found in Translation: Playing and Teaching Harpsichord Music on the Piano
Prof. Ilya Poletaev


The Music of Emily Carr
Prof. Eleanor Stubley


Taking the Mystery Out of Compositional Process
Profs. Julie E. Cumming and Peter Schubert


The Making of La Boheme: From Puccini’s operatic Masterpiece to a First Ever Schulich School of Music HD DVD Created by Students and Faculty
Profs. Patrick Hansen and George Massenberg


2011 Topics and Q &A


Talk Jazz with Rémi!!
Prof. Rémi Bolduc

Voice of the Violin
Prof. Mark Fewer

Making Old Things New
Prof. Hank Knox  Q&A

How to Make a Recording in Three Easy Steps
Prof. Richard King Q&A

The Twelve Hallelujahs of George and Leonard or Handel and Cohen Inc.
Prof. Sandy Pearlman

Presence and Experience
Prof. Shelley Stein-Sacks

2009 Topics and Q &A


Haydn, Patriarch of the String Quartet 
Prof. Douglas McNabney

The Music of Joni Mitchell
Prof. Lloyd Whitesell  Q&A

Success in Music, Success in Life: Reflections on the Career Path of a Professional Musician
Prof. Jens Lindeman

Music Research and Information Literacy: Navigating the Virtual Library
Prof. Cynthia Leive

The Evolution of the Percussion Ensemble: A Striking Story  
Profs Aiyun Huang and Fabrice Marandola 

Sound Morphing (and other alternatives to castration: voice in the making of the film Farinelli
Prof. Philippe Depalle

Fast, cheap, and out of control: the remonitization of music and other promiscuously transportable media objects
Prof. Sandy Pearlman

2008 Topics and Q &A


Riots in the Concert Hall: Musical Controversies
Prof. Lloyd Whitesell  Q&A

Flams, Paradiddles and Other Striking Ideas: Fundamentals of Playing Percussion Instruments
Prof. Aiyun Huang & Prof. Fabrice Marandola

What to Listen For In...Schoenberg
Prof. Don McLean  Q&A

A Composer, His Dedicatee, Her Instrument, and I: A Complete Recording of Haydn's Keyboard Works
Prof. Tom Beghin

Beethoven's Late Piano Works
Prof. Anton Kuerti

Autonomous Process: From Breitkopf of Leipzig(1754) to the Evil Twin of the Music Business (2004)
Prof. Sandy Perlman

2007 Topics and Q &A

Music Boot Camp
Prof. Reisa Lipszyc  Q&A

Inside a Rehearsal
Prof. Julian Wachner

The Art of Music Recording
Prof. Martha de Francisco

A Composer in the Lab, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Computer
Prof. Sean Ferguson

What is This Thing Called Jazz?
Prof. Gordon Foote   Q&A

What to Listen For...
Bruckner and Heavy Metal
Prof. Don McLean

2006 Topics and Q &A

Do You Hear What I Hear? Stamp Out Jazz Ignorance
Prof. Gordon Foote   Q&A

Recorded Music:  A Bridge of Sound  Between Musicians and Their Audience
Prof. Martha de Francisco   Q&A

What Is CIRMMT?  A Place Where Music,  Science and Technology Thrive
Prof. Stephen McAdams, Prof. Sean Ferguson
Prof. Marcelo Wanderley   Q&A

A View From the Pit: Introduction to Life as a Professional Musician
Prof. Abe Kestenberg   Q&A

The Soundscape of Opera
Prof. Steven Huebner   Q&A

What to Listen For In...
Prof. Don McLean