Mini-Music 2016:
Lend Us Your Ears





Mini-Music Schedule
Saturday  April 16, 2016

Time Topics Speaker




Glorifying the Screen Divas

Prof. Lloyd Whitesell

  Hollywood uses tricks of light and music to turn its leading women into quasi-divine creatures. In examples from classic films, we will explore how stars are adorned with the musical equivalent of haloes, crowns, and veils.
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


Dematerialization and Transformations in the Music Industry of the 21st Century

Prof. Martha de Francisco

  Opera transmissions in high definition, basement recordings, virtual libraries: well-known structures for the production and distribution of music recordings are changing radically. We have entered a new era of dematerialization with CDs, like records, doomed to become obsolete. What does the future of music production hold as a 100-year-old industry adjusts to the digital revolution?
12:00-1:00 Lunch (see lunch options under Registration)


Organized Chaos: Jazz Composition and Improvisation

Prof. Christine Jensen

  Where does the composition end and the improvisation begin? We will delve inside the mind of the composer and improviser, and explore how jazz musicians prepare to launch into the moment from the page.


Coffee Break


The Traditional Music Session: Irish Group Therapy

Prof. Sean Ferguson

  Irish traditional music is performed by thousands of people around the world, in many different contexts. One of the most common is the "session," an informal gathering of musicians, all of whom share a love of Irish music and culture (some of whom may even have Irish blood!). Sessions are participatory, social events that take place in a communal location (frequently a pub) and are open to all – a session can pop up anywhere!