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Web Videos for 2008 (wmv format)

April 29
Riots in the Concert Hall:  Musical Controversies  Prof. Lloyd Whitesell
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May 6
Flams, Paradiddles and Other Striking Ideas:  Fundamentals of Playing Percussion  Instruments
Prof. Aiyun Huang &
Prof. Fabrice Marandola
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May 13
What to Listen For In...Schoenberg
Prof. Don McLean

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May 20
A Composer, His Dedicatee, Her Instrument, and I:  A Complete Recording of Haydn's Keyboard Works
Prof. Tom Beghin
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May 27
Beethoven's Late Piano Works
Prof. Anton Kuerti
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June 3
Autonomous Process:  From Breitkopf of Leipzig(1754) to the Evil Twin of the Music Business (2004)  Prof. Sandy Pearlman
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