MUMT 202 Fundamentals of New Media

Music Technology · Schulich School of Music · McGill University

Fall 2014 · Carolina Brum, Charalampos Saitis


Course description

This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to selected areas of music technology. Topics include digital audio and sampling theory, MIDI and sequencing, audio editing and mixing, elementary sound recording, score editing software and current areas of research interest.

General information

  • Credits: 3
  • Day, place and time: Monday, 5:35 - 8:25 pm, room C-204 (Strathcona Music Building)
  • Access to instructor and TAs: by appointment via email
  • TA hour: TBD

Learning outcomes

  • To understand the basics of digital audio.
  • To have an understanding of MIDI and how control protocols are used to create music.
  • To gain basic audio editing skills.
  • To provide an introduction to score editing and the symbolic manipulation of music.

Course materials

  • Optional Readings:
    • David M. Howard and Jamie Angus, Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, 4th edition, Focal Press 2009
    • Curtis Roads, The Computer Music Tutorial, The MIT Press 1996
    • Rumsey and McCormick, Sound and Recording: An Introduction, 6th edition, Focal Press 2009
    • Rumsey, MIDI Systems and Control, 2nd edition, Focal Press 1994

  • Music-Tech Computer Lab (MTCL)

    All registered students will automatically have access to the MTCL. Overnight passes will not be issued until the end of the term. Please note that the maximum storage capacity for your MTCL network account will be 5 GB. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this account will be backed up.



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