Tom Beghin’s partnerships with some of the world’s finest historical keyboard makers have yielded a unique collection of eighteenth-century keyboards. THE VIRTUAL HAYDN features seven very different historical instruments. Three of these newly constructed replicas are absolute world-premieres, allowing modern-day consumers and listeners to hear these instruments for the first time since the days of Haydn:

Clavichord in Saxon Style, c. 1760, by Joris Potvlieghe, Tollembeek (Belgium), 2003

Harpsichord Johann Leydecker, Vienna, 1755, by Martin Pühringer, Haslach (Austria),
  2004 (world-premiere)

Harpsichord in French Style, c. 1770, by Yves Beaupré, Montreal (Canada), 2007

Tafelklavier Ignaz Kober, Vienna, 1788, by Chris Maene, Ruiselede (Belgium),
  2007 (world-premiere)

Fortepiano Anton Walter, with stoss-action, Vienna, 1782, by Chris Maene,
  Ruiselede, 2005 (world-premiere)

Fortepiano Anton Walter, with prell-action, Vienna, after 1791, by Chris Maene,
  Ruiselede, 2005

Piano Longman, Clementi & Co., 1798, by Chris Maene, Ruiselede, 2004

These keyboard makers, along with piano technician Rob Loomis (Leyden, Mass.), traveled to Montreal to assist in the recording sessions and to ensure that their instruments would perform at their optimal levels. These master-artisans can be seen at work and heard talking about their craft in the documentary film Playing The Room.