Wieslaw Woszczyk is the mastermind behind the groundbreaking methods to measure the acoustics of specific rooms and to virtually reconstruct them in the laboratory for live performance and recording. After extensive scouting of possible historical locations, the team eventually selected, precisely mesured, and put to use nine rooms, each of immense historical significance, not just for Haydn, but for eighteenth-century music and culture in general. Prof. Woszczyk and doctoral student Doyuen Ko constructed the the following virtual rooms:

 Haydn’s Study, Haydn’s House, Eisenstadt (Austria)

 “Room 5,” Haydn’s House, Eisenstadt (Austria)

 Spiegelsaal, Esterházy Palace, Eisenstadt (Austria)

 Music Room, Eszterháza, Fertöd (Hungary)

 Ceremonial Room, Eszterháza, Fertöd (Hungary)

 Prunkraum, Albertina, Vienna (Austria)

 Salle de Nantes, Château Ramezay, Montreal (Canada)

 Festsaal (“Eroica-Saal”), Palais Lobkowitz, Vienna (Austria)

 Holywell Music Room, Oxford (England)