Ben's Final Project Proposal

Ben's Music Project Proposal

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Echo Nest Remix

Project Overview

Long Term Goal: Learn how to effectively incorporate samples
from my favorite music into my own work without it sounding
too overtly recognizable. Try to be adventurous and avoid excessive
repetition. Use a variety of remix techniques and include my own rhythmic
and melodic input based on improvisation.

Project Idea: Make an experimental composition (20-30 minutes in length)
using two online programs:

1) Echo Nest Remix (ENR) for algorithmic sample manipulation
2) AudioSauna (AS) for audio sequencing

Starting materials: ~2-3 recordings:
1+ jazz, 1 hip-hop, 0-1 other genre.
I will look for contrast in the compositional role of each recording, with the intention of
covering harmony, melody, and rhythm separately if possible.

Objectives: Improve coding skills with Echo Nest Remix by accomplishing specific
goals regarding sample manipulation. Achieve optimal abstraction from original
tracks (retain flavor but lose recognizability). Convey jazz sensibilities in personal
rhythmic and melodic accompaniment and compositional choices.

Timeline: 29 November: Choose songs for remixing
10 December: Complete samples and assign to sampler instrument in AudioSauna
15 December: Complete musical sequencing
16 December: Complete 2-3 page paper and submit whole project

Music Notes

Echo Nest Remix

Echo Nest Remix


Possible Manipulations:

1) Add or remove swing feel.

example: add swing (partial code)

if 0 < swing:
rate1 = 1+swing
dur = beat.duration/2.0
stretch = dur * rate1
rate2 = (beat.duration-stretch)/dur

2) Only include specific beats.

example: only include beat one

var meter = parseInt(track.analysis.track.time_signature);
for (var i=0; i <; i++) {
if (i % meter == 0) {

3) Add bars or beats to live queue

example: add bars or beats

function addBar() {
var index = $("#indexBox").val();

function addBeat() {
var index = $("#indexBox").val();

4) Tempo match different songs to make them compatible for use in the same piece

Still need to figure out code


5) BONUS goal:
Combine certain beats from one song
with different beats from another song
(haven't figured out how yet)

Applicability in AudioSauna:
Through the assimilation of rhythmic feels (i.e. straight to swing) and tempo matching (made possible by ENR due to the API’s musical finger print information), the resulting tracks from ENR will be made rhythmically compatible, enabling me to assign the resulting sounds to different keys on a sampler instrument in AudioSauna.





To use the digital interface to develop the composition of the piece, layering different rhythms and textures of sample-based material exported from Echo Nest Remix. Samples will be assigned to different keys on a sampler instrument. I do not expect my use of the sampled material alone to conform to musical norms or conventions; this part will be more experimental. Structure will be provided instead by my own rhythmic contribution using a separate AudioSauna software instrument track (percussion of some kind).

In addition to percussive accompaniment, my own improvisation-based interpretive melodic contributions will constitute my way of developing motific ideas and conversating with the sample-based sounds. While the end-result may not sound jazzy, I aim to convey a jazz approach with this aspect of the project - a sense of freedom and adventure at a slow, gradual pace.

Short Paper


When I'm done with the project, I will write a short 2-3 page paper reflecting on my finished product, describing the specific methods I used and challenges I faced throughout the process of making the piece. Because I want my work to be experimental, with far more emphasis placed on creativity – attempting different specific operations and combinations of sound manipulations – than on my ability to create pleasing sounds, I will be more concerned with the level of success I felt I had in my execution of the ENR code, rather than the actual aesthetic result of the piece.