Papers (unpublished)

"The 'Iconic Cadence': A Post-Romantic Case of Cadential Nostalgia and Irony. To be read at Euromac-10,  Moscow, September, 2021. 

“The ‘Reopened’ Half Cadence: A Striking Cadential Anamoly.” Read (in absentia) at the 9th European Music Analysis Conference, Strasbourg, France, July, 2017.    

“The Finale of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: Its Form Reexamined.” Presented at the conference “Form Forum III: ‘Romantic Form’ and Beyond,” University of Toronto, February, 2017.

“Chromatic Configurations in Haydn’s String Quartet in G, Op. 54, No. 1.”  Read at the festival “Haydn 2009: The Complete String Quartets of Joseph Haydn,” McGill University, Montreal, March, 2009.

“Schoenberg’s Theories of Form: Innovations, Limitations, Amplifications.”  Read at the conference “Scheonberg’s Legacy on Form,” McGill University, Montreal, May, 2008.

“What is Musical Form?”  Read at the opening plenary session of the Mannes Institute for Advanced Studies in Music Theory, New York, June, 2004.

“Classifying Harmonic Progressions.”  Read as the keynote address of the Annual Meeting of the West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis, Victoria, April, 2002. 

“Why Harmonic Analysis?”  Read as the keynote address of the Annual Meeting of the Music Theory Society of New York State, New York, New York, April, 2000.

“Rameau’s Views on Relationships of Harmony and Meter.” Read at the McGill Rameau Symposium, Montreal, Quebec, March, 1983.

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