Dr. Cory McKay

Professor: Marianopolis College

Research Consultant: LANDR

Regular / Full Member: CIRMMT

Principle Designer: jMIR

E-mail: cory.mckay@mail.mcgill.ca


Cory McKay is a professor of music and humanities at Marianopolis College and CIRMMT, both in Montréal, Canada. He is a multidisciplinary researcher specializing in music and machine learning, with dozens of often-cited peer-reviewed publications, an excellent record at winning academic grants and a private business as a music technology consultant. His diverse background includes a Ph.D. and M.A. in music technology from McGill University, as well as B.Sc. and B.A. degrees in physics, music and computer science from McGill and the University of Guelph.

Cory’s current research focuses on using statistical analysis and pattern recognition techniques to detect, analyze and make use of meaningful patterns in digital music scores (as part of the SIMSSA project) and on automatically mastering audio recordings (as a consultant for LANDR). He is also the primary designer of the jMIR multimodal software framework for performing music information retrieval (MIR) research.

Cory is deeply highly involved in student life at Marianopolis College, where he is the director of MLOrk, the college’s laptop computer orchestra. He also co-organized the annual two-week ArtsFest festival for several years, and has coached the college’s R4TT trivia team to multiple Québec championships. He has also been very active at the administrative committee level, where he has held a wide variety of both elected and appointed positions.

Research Interests

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