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Academic References

Scholarly Search Resources

  • MUSE - McGill University's library directory.
  • McGill Music Library - The McGill music library. Can also access McGill's other libraries.
  • McGill Article Indexes and Databases - A powerful search tool.
  • OCLC FirstSearch - Links to the OCLC databases of journal articles and conference papers that McGill has subscribed to.
  • Google Scholar - Google resource for searching scholarly resources.
  • CiteSeer - Gives access to scientific papers and provides information on where papers are cited.
  • CiteBase - Another search engine for finding academic citations.
  • IEEE Xplore - Provides access to IEEE journals and conference proceedings. Log in access.
  • ACM - For searching publications relating to computer and information science.
  • IIMP - Allows full-text searches of music journals.
  • RILM - For searching abstracts related to music.
  • Wayback Machines - An archive of web pages as they appeared in the past. A good way of accessing postings that are no longer available.
  • JSTOR - A multi-disciplinary searchable database of journal articles.
  • ISI Web of Knowledge / Web of Science - Allows searches in subjects in the arts and humanities as well, not just science. Can search for citations of publications as well as for publications.
  • WorldCat - Contains bibliographic records that have been compiled from many libraries.
  • Ovid - For searching abstracts.
  • Librarian's Index to the Internet - A search engine with the particular needs of librarians in mind.
  • Other Library Catalogues - Links to the directories of academic libraries other than McGill's, with an emphasis on those in Montreal.
  • Library of Congress - For searching the U.S. national library.
  • Theses Canada - An archive of theses published in Canada.

Miscellaneous References

Machine Learning References

Music References

Music and Audio Computing References



Java Development

General Programming (Excluding Java)


Java Non-Musical Libraries

  • Protege - Java software for modeling ontologies.
  • Weka - A set of Java classes for general purpose pattern recognition. The Weka mailing list, tutorial (or this tutorial or this tutorial) and FAQ can also be very useful.
  • Weka Metal - A meta-learning extension to Weka.
  • Grid Weka - A distributed version of Weka.
  • YALE - A Java-based machine learning environment.
  • D2K - A framework for constructing distributed data mining systems.
  • T2K - a text data-mining system based on D2K.
  • GATE - for use with human language processing systems.
  • MOJ - General similarity measurement classes by Martin Hassel. Not specific to audio.
  • JFreeChart - Classes for creating charts easily in Java.
  • JFreeReport - Classes for creating well formatted reports in Java.
  • LaunchAnywhere - Software for running Java bytecode and the JVM using specialized settings. ZeroG , the company making this software, also makes InstallAnywhere, which is useful when distributing Java project s.
  • Java Web Start - Allows users to run Java bytecode over networks. Also allows specialized settings such as the JRE version, maximum heap size, etc. to be set.
  • Colt - Class libraries for writing very fast Java code.
  • SciMark - Classes for benchmarking code.
  • Java Source - Open source java code for a number of applications, including PDF libraries.
  • Jakarta Commons - Useful open source Java code for performing common tasks.
  • - A searchable database of reviewed Java software available on-line.
  • Java Boutique - Another searchable database of Java software, including some that are open source.
  • FreeWare - Lots of information on Java as well as links to Java-based software.

Java Music Libraries

  • Java Sound - Standard set of Java classes for dealing with audio and MIDI. An MP3 plugin is also available.
  • Java Sound Programmer's Guide - An on-line textbook on using the Sound classes.
  • Using Java Sound - A rough guide.
  • Java Sound Resources - A site devoted to providing help with using the Java Sound API.
  • Sound, Audio Effects and Music Synthesis - A book chapter that deals with the Java Sound package.
  • Dick Baldwin - Links to a large number of tutorials he's written on relatively advanced Java applications, including sound and graphics. Also has a set of introductory tutorials on DSP with Java implementations.
  • Tritonus - An alternative framework for dealing with audio using Java. Plugins that offer extended functionality are also available.
  • JLayer - MP3 decoder plugin and conversion software. The jlGui open source player is also available.
  • Java ID3 Tag Library - a Java library for reading ID3 tags from MP3s.
  • Java Library MP3 - another ID3 tag extractor.
  • Fantasia - Java classes for processing MIDI.
  • JOAL - Java libraries for 3D audio.
  • jMIR - Applications and Java code libraries for MIR research.
  • M2K - D2K modules designed specifically for MIR applications. Can also run on the Celerity system that is being developed as an alternative to D2K. Related to the IMIRSEL MIR evaluation project.
  • jMusic - A powerful library of tools for composition, involving both MIDI and audio. Has some analysis functionality too.
  • JASS - Classes for real-time audio synthesis.
  • Java Music Projects - A guide to music software written in Java.

Music Software

General Music Software

  • Queen Mary Software - Miscellaneous music-related software from Queen Mary College of the University of London.
  • Matlab Audio Processing Examples - A variety of useful Matlab scripts.
  • Shareware Music Machine - A non-academic site enabling access to a very large variety of music software.
  • Sound and MIDI Software for Linux - Includes some Java stuff.
  • FreshMeat Sound and Music Software - Descriptions and links to various music software systems.
  • PortMusic - C libraries for audio and MIDI I/O.
  • E-Soft - A set of utilities for capturing, translating and editing audio.
  • MP3 Converter - Utilities for converting between file formats, ripping CDs, etc.
  • SoX - A command-line tool for converting between audio formats and processing sound files.
  • WAVmaker - Tool for converting MIDI to audio.
  • LAME - a free MP3 encoder.
  • Audacity - A free audio editor. The Mac version can be unstable.
  • Pro Tools - A powerful audio editor.
  • Logic Audio - Another powerful audio editor.
  • GoldWave - A good quality and relatively cheap commercial audio editor.
  • Melodyne - Powerful audio processing software. Intended for use in production, not analysis.
  • Anvil Studio - MIDI sequencing software.
  • Transcribe! - Software to aid in the manual transcription and other labeling of music.
  • Finale - Score editing software.
  • Sibelius - Another score editing package.
  • Denemo - Simple and free score editor.
  • Mup - Text-based music notation software.
  • jTunes - Java-based clone of iTunes.
  • Greenstone Digital Library - A software suite for building and distributing digital library collections.
  • Wedelmusic - An XML-based approach to distributing music.
  • Axmedis - Commercial framework for distributing audio and video content.
  • Earplane - Ear training software.
  • Auditory Toolbox - A MatLab toolbox for implementing and testing models of auditory perception.
  • MAD - MatLab code for experiments involving auditory perception.
  • Oc Volume - Java speech recognition software.
  • Sphinx-4 - Speech recognition software written in Java.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking - The major commercial speech recognition system.
  • FreeTTS - Speech synthesizing software written in Java.
  • Let Them Sing it for You - Sings lyrics that you specify by pasting together excerpts.

Music Information Retrieval Software

  • MIR Tools We Use - Links to a variety of MIR-related software. A bit outdated.
  • MIR Systems - A somewhat outdated database of MIR systems.
  • jMIR - Applications and Java code libraries for MIR research.
  • M2K - D2K modules designed specifically for MIR applications. Can also run on the Celerity system that is being developed as an alternative to D2K. Related to the IMIRSEL MIR evaluation project.
  • jAudio - Software for extracting features from audio recordings.
  • MARSYAS - A C++ framework for audio processing and analysis.
  • CLAM - A musical software framework that offers a conceptual model as well as tools for the analysis, synthesis and transformation of audio signals. Includes a music annotator for visualizing and annotating music.
  • Maaate - Audio analysis software.
  • Praat - Free analysis software with an emphasis on speech, but can be applied to music as well.
  • Sonogram - Software to perform basic audio analysis.
  • Sonic Visualizer - Software for visualizing audio to aid in its study. Includes plugin capability.
  • Wave Surfer - Software for audio visualization and manipulation.
  • Vamp Plugins - A plugin C/C++ API for audio analysis and feature extraction plugins.
  • RtFFT - A real-time spectrum analyzer.
  • SyncPlayer - Software for creating visualizations and identifying and retrieving metadata on recordings.
  • jSymbolic - Software for extracting features from MIDI recordings.
  • waveDNA - Analysis of MIDI based on perceptual considerations.
  • Humdrum - A set of general-purpose software tools for analyzing music. Additional Humdrum programs are available here.
  • Melisma - A symbolic music analysis program.
  • MIDI Toolbox - A set of MatLab functions for analyzing and visualizing MIDI files.
  • MatLab MIDI Tools - Another set of MatLab MIDI tools.
  • Bodhidharma - A system for classifying MIDI files. Includes extensive feature extraction software.
  • jWebMiner - Software for extracting features from the web.
  • ACE - MIR-oriented meta-learning software. Includes the ACE XML file standard.
  • SemanticHIFI - An integrated user-oriented MIR system.
  • Aruspix - OMR software for converting early printed music to symbolic formats.
  • Shazam - Audio fingerprinting software.
  • Lasso - Tool for recognizing music. Uses data from the All Music Guide.
  • Aubio - A collection of C++ libraries for labeling audio using information derived from onset, silence and pitch detection.
  • Zenph Studios - A commercial firm that claims to be able to successfully perform polyphonic transcription.
  • Pluggd - A commercial service that allows advanced ways of browsing, searching and moving within a musical recording. A story about the service is available here.
  • Midomi - Commercial music search system, using either voice or keyboard queries.
  • The Song Tapper - Allows searches based on queries consisting of tapped rhythms.
  • Themefinder - Interface for searching incipits.
  • Orpheus - An experimental server for searching melodies and identifying musical ground truth.
  • MusiPedia - A query by humming style system.

Music Similarity Software and Services

  • MA Toolbox - A MatLab toolbox for processing audio and measuring similarity.
  • Tapestry - Tool for generating customized playlists. Uses metadata from the All Music Guide.
  • Last FM - A similarity measurement system using collaborative filtering. Uses Audioscrobbler to track user behavior, which can be accessed using web services.
  • moodLogic - Commercial playlist generation system that uses expert data.
  • Pandora - Another commercial music recommendation system. Makes use of the Music Genome Project.
  • MusicIP - Commercial music search and recommendation software.
  • Polyphonic HMI - Commercial music recommendation system.
  • My Strands - Commercial music recommendation using collaborative filtering.
  • Radio Libre - Playlist generation software.
  • Finetune - Commercial playlist generator.
  • Radio Blog Club - Another commercial playlist generator.
  • Soundflavor - Music recommendation. Also includes many user playlists.
  • Goombah - A commercial system for analyzing musical similarity.
  • MOG - A user account based music recommendation system.
  • iRATE - Music recommendation using collaborative filtering.
  • Search Inside the Music - Sun's music exploration research project.
  • Music Surfer - Playlist generator and music recommender.
  • Master of Celebration - An automatic playlist generation tool.
  • Foafing the Music - Music recommendation system.
  • iLike - iTunes plugin that recommends music.
  • Audiobaba - Music search engine based on acoustic similarity.
  • Qloud - Search engine based on similarity and user behavior.
  • Comparisonics - Commercial system for measuring similarity of sounds. Includes a link to a short sounds search engine.
  • MusicLens - Lets users adjust descriptive sliders in order to find music.
  • Musicovery - Browsing interface for discovering music.
  • Live Plasma - Tool for visualizing links between musicians as well as movies.
  • Music Miner - Software for generating visualizations of music collections based on similarity.
  • Orpheus - A software system for acquiring and displaying meta-data related to recordings.
  • Audio Radar - Graphically maps recordings by mood.
  • Isophonics - iTunes plugin that autogenerates playlists.
  • Hit Predictor - A company that claims to be able to predict the commercial viability of songs.
  • Platinum Blue - Hit prediction and music recommendation software.
  • Social Music Overview - Overview of some similarity analysis systems.
  • Evalutron 6000 - Description of the MIREX similarity evaluation procedures.

Computer Music & Synthesis Software

  • Ableton Live - Commercial performance and production platform.
  • Max/MSP - Popular commercial software for processing MIDI and audio. Primarily used in performances.
  • PD - Free software similar to Max/MSP.
  • jMax - A Java-based version of pd.
  • ChucK - An audio programming language for real-time synthesis, composition, and performance.
  • Audicle - Real-time audio environment based on ChucK.
  • SuperCollider - A very powerful, but poorly documented and constantly changing audio processing language.
  • CSound - An old programming language for sound rendering and signal processing.
  • CREATE CSL - A signal library for sound synthesis and signal processing.
  • CLAM - A musical software framework that offers a conceptual model as well as tools for the analysis, synthesis and transformation of audio signals. Includes a music annotator for visualizing and annotating music.
  • TAPESTREA - Software for analyzing, transforming and resynthesizing sounds.
  • STK - Audio signal processing and algorithmic synthesis classes written in the C++, with an emphasis on physical modeling applications. The RtAudio Tutorial describes the STK tool for real time audio input and output.
  • jSyn - Java plugin for creating music.
  • jMusic - A powerful library of tools for composition, involving both MIDI and audio. Has some analysis functionality too.
  • Cecilia - Software for generating music.
  • Pro Music - Project for automatically generating expressive music.
  • VVVVV - Real-time video synthesis for multimedia works.

Music File Formats

Miscellaneous Music Links

MIR Data Resources: Audio & Symbolic

MIR Data Resources: Cultural & Metadata

Music Industry, Law & Intellectual Property Rights

  • Music Free Advice - Explanation of copyright laws in the U.S.
  • Music is my Business - Explanation of copyright laws relating to music in Canada.
  • Canada Copyright Act - The text of the document.
  • SOCAN - Canadian collective organization for collecting music publishing royalties.
  • CRIA - Canadian Recording Industry Association. Lobby group for the Canadian recording industry.
  • CIRPA - Canadian Independent Record Production Association. Organization promoting the Canadian independent music industry.
  • FACTOR - Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings. Another organization promoting the Canadian independent music industry.
  • RIAA - Recording Industry Association of America. Lobby group for the U.S. major label recording industry.
  • The Orchard - Digital distributor of independent music.
  • Billboard - Recording industry news.
  • Digital Music News - Recording industry news.
  • Radio and Records - More recording industry news.

Music Monetization Models & Digital Rights Management

  • Future of Music Coalition - Organization exploring alternative models for monetizing music.
  • Creative Commons - An organization presenting legal alternatives to traditional copyright frameworks.
  • GNU Copyleft - Alternative copyright frameworks, including the GNU GPL. Primarily aimed as software, but adaptable to music.
  • Digital Copyright Canada - Anti-DRM Canadian lobby group.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation - Anti-DRM U.S. lobby group.
  • Downhill Battle - An organization pursuing reform of the music industry.
  • Michael Geist's Blog - Blog on legal aspects of technology, privacy and information. Often touches on music.
  • Lessig Blog - Lawrence Lessig's blog on culture and the internet. Often touches on legal aspects of digital music.
  • Noank Media - A company aiming to implement obligatory music subscription models in China and elsewhere.
  • Nettwerk Music Group - An artist management group applying innovative approaches to the music industry.
  • CD Baby - CD distributor for independent musicians.
  • Sell A Band - Allows users to invest in musicians in exchange for "shares" of the funded recording.
  • artistShare - Site that allows fans to fund artists in exchange for participating in the "creative process."
  • Busking Music - Service where musicians upload music so that listeners can download it.
  • Lala - Service for trading used CDs.
  • SNOCAP - Sells music using MySpace band lists.
  • Flux Blog - Makes music available for free for promotional purposes.
  • iMeem - Facilitates communication between artists and fans.
  • Magnatune - Sells music DRM-free.
  • Epitonic - Sells music DRM-free.
  • eMusic - Sells music DRM-free.
  • Rogers Redpipe - Gives Rogers subscribers free access to the music of certain bands.
  • Big Champagne - Releases statistics it claims indicate illegal file sharing activity.
  • Chillout - A DRM platform.
  • How Fairplay Works - Explanation of how Apple's Fairplay DRM works.

Places to Publish

Academic Journals

Academic Conferences & Contests

  • ISMIR - International Conference on Music Information Retrieval. Past proceedings are available. Also involves the MIREX evaluation event. The results of the 2006 contest are available here, the results of the 2005 contests are available here and the results of the 2004 contest are available here.
  • ICMC - International Computer Music Conference
  • ECIR - European Conference on Music Information Retrieval
  • CMMR - Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval
  • SMC - Sound and Music Computing
  • ICMAI - International Conference on Music and Artificial Intelligence
  • ACMC - Australasian Computer Music Conference
  • SBCM - Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music.
  • SIGIR - Conference on Research in and Development in Information Retrieval
  • MCAM - International Workshop on Multimedia Content Analysis and Mining
  • AMR - International Workshop on Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval
  • CBMI - International Conference on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing
  • ICDAR - International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition
  • ACM Multimedia - Audio and Music Computing for Multimedia Workshop
  • DAFx - International Conference on Digital Audio Effects
  • AES - Audio Engineering Society International Conference
  • ICASSP - International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
  • WASPAA - Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics
  • MLSP - International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing
  • ISSPIT - International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology
  • SAMT - International Conference on Semantics and Digital Media Technology
  • ICAD - International Conference on Auditory Display
  • CIM - Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology
  • ACH/ALLC - Joint conference held by the Association for Computers and the Humanities, and the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing
  • MCM - Mathematics and Computation in Music
  • SMT - meeting of the Society for Music Theory
  • AMS - meeting of the American Musicological Society
  • SIMS - Symposium of the International Musicology Society
  • MGSSS - McGill Graduate Student Society Symposium
  • NIME - New Interfaces for Musical Expression
  • ATMI - Association for Technology in Music Instruction
  • IJCAI - International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Includes a special workshop on artificial intelligence and music.
  • NIPS - Neural Information Processing Systems Conference
  • FLAIRS - Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference.
  • ICPR - International Conference on Pattern Recognition
  • ICML - International Conference on Machine Learning
  • ECML - European Conference on Machine Learning
  • AAAI - National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  • EVO - Evolutionary computing
  • COLT - Conference on Learning Theory
  • UAI - Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
  • ICMPC - International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition
  • AMTA - Acoustics and Music: Theory and Applications
  • CAA Annual Conference - Canadaian Acoustical Association
  • RIAO - Large-Scale Semantic Access to Content (Text, Image, Video and Sound)
  • TREC - Text Retrieval Conference
  • JCDL - Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
  • ECDL - European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries
  • Digital Presearvation Challenge - A contest on overcoming barriers to digital access.
  • EMS - Electroacoustic Music Network Studies Conference
  • Spark - Electronic music and art festival
  • SXSW - South by Southwest (music industry conference)
  • CMW - Canadian Music Week (music industry conference)
  • DMRN - Digital Music Research Network Doctoral Research Conference
  • DMRN Conference Listing - Upcoming conferences relating to digital music.

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