Pericles Electronic Elections
Designed by
Team Dragon

Mike Levy

Cory McKay

Sitai Sun

Mathew Evans

Amir Reda Atalla

2001 Edition

Welcome to the Pericles Electronic Elections System. This software system can be used to design and run customized elections electronically. It includes the nececary software for voters to register their votes securely and privately. Holding elections electronically can have many benefits, including reduced time and cost involved in setting up elections, having votes registered and having votes counted. Electronic elections can also help to reduce the inaccuracies, accidental and intentional,  involved in counting votes manually.

There are currently no major configurable electronic elections systems available on the market. This is partly due to security, privacy and ethical concerns. Due to the relative newness of the field, this software is meant to be a pilot project in the field of electronic elections. As such, it should be regarded as a work in progress, and there is plenty of room for expansion. The design of this project has a very strong emphasis on scalability and extensibility, so that the Pericles System can be built on and expanded. Please refer to the Pericles System Design Document for more details on how this scalability and extensibility has been built into the design.

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