Configure File Locations Dialog Box


This dialog box allows the user to view and choose the paths of the configuration files for the current project, the file containing the musical taxonomy used, the list of recordings to train and/or classify, the features of these recordings, the trained classifiers, the preferences file and the current directory. This dialog box can be used to load projects and set the configuration files making up projects.

This is the first part of the interface that is presented to the user upon running Bodhidharma. The default project is loaded from the default_file_locations.xml file. Hard coded defaults are loaded and used to generate this file if it is not available. This file is actually a project_file, but the only field that is used from it is its pointer to another project file, which is used to set the startup defaults for the configuration files.

Each path may be chosen by typing them in (except for the Project File) or by pressing on the accompanying Browse button, which brings up a file chooser.

Only XML files are made available in the file choosers accessible through this dialog box. When files are saved, a .xml extension is automatically added if it is not already present.

If a given path is left blank, then the project will be loaded with hard coded defaults for the corresponding aspect of the project.




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