Recordings Panel


This panel allows users to manage the currently loaded list of recordings that will be used for training and/or classification. This includes viewing and editing the meta-data of recordings, listening to recordings, adding and removing recordings from the list, extracting feature values from recordings, classifying recordings and viewing feature values, either scaled or unscaled.

There are three possible views from this panel:

The Unscaled Features View and Scaled Features View are primarily for informational purposes. The following discussion therefore focuses on the Meta-Data View.

The Meta-Data View table may be sorted be clicking on the column heading that one wishes to base the search on. Columns may be resized by clicking and dragging on their boundaries.

Each row of the Meta-Data View table corresponds to a type of meta-data. This information may be edited with the Edit Recordings Dialog Box by pressing the Edit Selections button or by double clicking on a recording (recordings can also be played this way). The Role field may also be altered by clicking on the cell for the appropriate recording and choosing the desired role from the combo box. The columns are as follows:


Status Bar

Displays the number of recordings in the currently list and whether or not features have been extracted from them.


Screen Shots

Figure 1: Meta-data view.


Figure 2: Unscaled feature values view.


Figure 3: Scaled feature values view.


Figure 4: Category count.


Figure 5: Feature extraction progress bar.