Taxonomy Panel


This panel allows users to view and edit the taxonomy into which recordings are classified. Taxonomies are organized hierarchically into a tree based structures. The categories that make up taxonomies consist of three types:

The topmost category gives the location on disk of the file holding this structure, if any. Parent categories may be expanded by clicking on the handles to the left of their bullet points.

Categories may have any number of children. A given category can be the child of more than one parent.

The currently loaded taxonomy can be seen in one of two views. The first, called the Hierarchical View, allows users to see a hierarchal tree reflecting the relationships of broad categories going down to narrower categories. The Hierarchical View can be seen in Figure 1 below.

The second view, called the Ancestry View, allows users to see the taxonomy in the form of a list of leaf categories. Children of leaf categories represent a list of all ancestors of the given category. All of the combined ancestors of each leaf category are listed together, even if the leaf appears in different places in the structure. The taxonomy is not editable in this view. The Ancestry View can be seen in Figure 2 below.

Both of the trees in the above two views are sorted alphabetically.

The names of categories may be edited in the Hierarchical View by clicking on them once and typing in changes. The <enter> or <return> key must be pressed to register the changes.


Status Bar

Displays the number of root categories in total in the Hierarchical View and the number of leaf categories in the Ancestry View.


Screen Shots

Figure 1: Hierarchal View of taxonomy.


Figure 2: Ancestry View of taxonomy.