II. Features

2.1 Error Detection

The software detects technical errors in cantus firmi and tonal two-part species counterpoint compositions. A message is generated for each error detected, indicating the rule that was violated and, if appropriate, where the error occurred. The user can analyze the cantus or counterpoint individually, or can analyze both together, as desired.

2.2 Preferences

The software allows users to disable the application of certain rules. This is to accommodate users who wish to use different sets of rules. This is useful because there are several different theoretical perspectives on certain issues in the literature. The preferences are saved to disk so that they will persist when the program is closed.

2.3 Random Music Generation

The software can randomly generate a cantus firmus that conforms to the set of rules that are selected in the preferences. This enables users to generate cantus firmi for use in writing counterpoint exercises.

2.4 Graphical User Interface

The software has a menu and table-based interface that allows the user to enter and edit compositions using a mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts. The interface uses combo boxes to prevent the user from being able to enter inappropriate information. The user is able to add or delete a counterpoint from a given cantus firmi so that the same cantus can be used in multiple compositions without needing to be reentered.

2.5 Read From File / Save To File Functionality

A specially designed file format is used to allow users to save their work so that they can review or edit it later.

2.6 Online Help

There is an online help that the user can access to gain general information about the software, instructions on how to use the interface and explanations of the specific rules which are used in analyses.