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  • Input: Pre-distortion volume (-12db / 72db)

  • Output: Post-distortion volume (-48db / 0db)

  • Mix: Balance between dry and wet signals

The Veggie Waveshaper maps an input volume to an output volume using an interpolated breakpoint graph.


Because there are no Attack/Release times, we end up with a harsh customizable digital distortion that can produce everything from crunchy fuzz to full blown decimation. If you're looking for pleasant analog warmth, turn back now...

  • Symm/Asymm:
    Symmetrical and Asymmetrical mode changes the way the graph translates to the waveshaper function.

    Symmetrical mode shapes both the postiive and negative waves identically. The bottom of the graph maps to DC (0db) and the top represents the maximum positive offset.

    Asymmetrical mode shapes  both half-cycles separately. The middle maps to DC, whereas top and bottom represent the maximum offset, both positively and negatively

  • DC Offset: Ensures that an input of 0db creates an output of 0db

  • Lock Edge: Prevents the breakpoints at each edge from being editable.

  • Snap: Forces breakpoints to snap to the nearest grid marking when moved.

  • Buffer Size (number box): Sets the number of samples used in the buffer (16 = 2^16 samples).

Preset Shapes

Soft Clip
Hard Clip
Buzz Saw

The Patch Itself

Tips and Tricks

  • Holding shift and clicking on a breakpoint allows you to remove a point. Simiarly, holding alt/opt and dragging on a line segment allows you to create curves.

  • Setting the Buffer Size to a very small value (like 4) can result in fluttering distored tones.

  • Reducing the input volume can actually result in a more distorted sound than simply cranking all the knobs to maximum. Think about how you can control roughly where the signal peaks on the graph by adjusting the input gain. If you apply too much gain, you will just get digital clipping.

Max For Live Version
Max 7 Version