The Frontier Saxophone Quartet

Todd Pray, Daniel Gordon, Linda Sullivan, and Gary Scavone

The Frontier Saxophone Quartet, founded in 2003, is a chamber music ensemble comprised of soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. Its members are active performers in the North Country of New York State and Montreal, Canada region. The name "Frontier" reflects various facets of the group: the international mix of its members, the cross-border cooperation that allows their musical collaboration to take place, and the group's frequent performances of new works that explore the "musical frontier." In addition to new works, the Frontier Quartet's repertory consists of original works and occasional transcriptions for saxophone quartet that exploit the sonorous and blending qualities of this group of instruments.

The Frontier Saxophone Quartet can be heard amongst 30 other artists on the CD "Music Heard UpNorth" produced by The North Country Public Radio in 2007. You can also read about the quartet in an article from the Lake Champlain Weekly written in 2013.




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