Music and the Internet (MUMT301)

Outline for Fall 2012

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to HTML

Komodo Edit

  • Internet technologies (pdf)
  • Introduction to CSS

CSS: example 1, example 2, example3, example 4


  • File formats and compression (pdf)
  • Introduction to Javascript

Format Descriptions for Sound
Javascript: example 1

  • Music distribution (pdf)
  • Copyright issues
  • No class (learn Javascript!)
  • Music discovery (pdf)

Javascript: example 5b

  • Music discovery tools (pdf)
Javascript: example 6, example 7, example 8


  • Services (pdf)
    • for artists
    • for advertisers
    • metrics
  • Mid-term examination

API examples:

  • Web service (pdf)

JSON viewers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
Test with this:
API examples:Twitter, & Goolge maps

  • Making music (pdf)
  • Music scores (pdf)
  • Music Libraries
  • Music information retrieval
  • Final project presentation
  • Final examination

Final project proposal due


Assignment #1 (Due 09/13) 5%

  • Build a simple homepage on a local machine (index.html):
    • Basic personal info
    • Links to your classes
    • Place to post your assignments (ideally make and link to another file: mumt301.html)
  • Upload your home page to (sftp)
  • Login to (ssh)
  • From your home directory, got the subdirectory called: public_html (cd public_html)
  • Edit the html file: index.html (pico index.html)

Mini assignement A (Due 9/20) 3% (email me the results)

  • Find the farthest educational or government website on the Internet from Montreal. Extra bonus point for finding the furthest point among your classmates (1%).
  • Find the download and upload bandwidth at your home and at your favourite coffee shop (or a library). Specify where you took the measurment
  • Upload via ftp a large file (~10MB, a long song) on the server and time the download time to your home (indicate the file size)

Assignment #2 (Due 9/27) 5%

  • Create two fan pages of your favourite musicians linked from your home page:
    • One quite well known
    • One not well known (preferably non-Western musician)
  • They should contain:
    • Biography
    • Discography
    • Links to images
    • Links to audio
    • Links to video
    • Links to other related sites (especailly non-English sites)
    • A link back to your home page
  • They should look good
  • Try to make them look good in different browsers, at different window widths, and even on mobile devices

Mini assignment B with BONUS points (Due 10/04 ) 2% (email me your ranking)

  • Rank the fan pages of your classmates (excluding your own) per person (1%)
  • If you're in the top 5 of the aggregate of your classmates' rankings you get 1%

Assignment #3 (Due 10/18) 5%

Make comarisons of different lossy compression methods

  • Use two different musical sources of one minute each (from CD or DVD, i.e., at least 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Compress the source files (AIFF or WAV) into different formats (including MP3, AAC, Ogg/Vorbis) at different bitrates
  • Make at least ten different output files for each source
  • Use HTML Table to show and be able to hear the results on a web page (e.g.:, i.e., all the files need to be converted to WAV files
  • For each file, indicate the compression method, bitrate, and the file size

Assignment #4 (Due 11/08) 5%

  • Get Echonest API key
  • Create a webpage, where user can enter an artist's name then display dynamically various information about that artist; something like this.

Assignment #5 (Due 11/22) 5%
  • Create a mashup webpage using APIs from at least two different sources (2% bonus points if you plot graphs)
  • Final project proposal (1–2 pages with partial bibliography, inlcude sub goals)

Assignment #6 (Due 11/29) 5%

  • Final project presentation (power-point style presentation of what you plan to do; 5 min)

Final project (Due 12/13) 30%

  • Software with description (1–2 pages)
  • Music project with description (2–3 pages)
  • Maximum of two people per group


  • Research paper (4–6 pages)



Required reading list



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