MusicXML Overview by Carmine Casciato

MusicXML Powerpoint Presentation


Annotated Bibliography

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This page provides brief introductions and links to the various musical markup languages, including MusicXML.

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An overview of what is currently known about MusicXML, this is a good distillation of much of the Recordare information available.

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This paper by the inventor of MusicXML describes some of the ideas behind its implementation. It discusses MusicXML's advantages over other interchange formats, gives an example of MusicXML code, and provides an example of the analysis possible with MusicXML.

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This is the main page for Recordare's MusicXML. A quick overview on its features and usage as well as links to papers, Document Type Definitions, and a FAQ, all written by Recordare.

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A non-technical introduction to the usage of MusicXML.