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MPEG-7 Annotated Bibliography with Hyperlinks
Beinan Li
Created 26 January 2005 

        Answers to frequently asked questions of MPEG-7 audio, including the application scope, relationship with other standards, technicality of MPEG-7 audio and useful links, which serves as a nice starting point for beginners. Note, some of the links are not available anymore and apparently this FAQ has not been updated constantly. 

        A complete overview of MPEG-7 standard, covering every aspect of MPEG-7 standard. The first two chapters provide reader with a general concept and composition of the standard. In Chapter three extensive discussions on technical details of the standard are presented, including audio part.

A compact list of vocabulary of MPEG-7 including useful coding examples.

        The article provided a better understanding of the objectives and components of the MPEG-7 and an overview of the current state of its development and an idea of its expected impact on digital libraries of the future.

        This white paper provided a moderate amount of information about the standard with many coding examples and special application context and tools discussed. Useful forums and links are also introduced.

  • "NIST MPEG-7 Validation Service". Provided by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of U.S.. Processed since December 24, 2001. (accessed 26 January 2005).

        This website provides a service that allows user to enter the MPEG-7 based metadata instance and validate it in terms of MPEG-7 syntax and generate HTML or XML outputs. Last Updated: January 11, 2002.

        This site offers links to several MPEG-7 based application software and documents including Official MPEG-7 XM Software (ISO15938-6), MPEG-7 Music Structure Extraction,  Spoken Content Transcription and several practical schemas.

        A mpeg-7 based open source audio database project started in March, 2004, which reads mpeg-7 descriptions and allows useful database like operations. Current version is 0.1.

        A Java MPEG-7 Audio Encoder project started in June, 2004, which extracts some descriptors and description schemes of the MPEG-7 standard to describe an audio content (in this case: an audio file).

        A website that provides DDL FAQ, examples of Descriptors and Description Schemes and XML-based DDL tutorials and discussion of issues.

        This website provides useful articles and links to MPEG audio standards including MPEG-7.       

        Official MPEG website which includes all latest public MPEG documents.

         More industry oriented topics of MPEG standards including important patent portfolio licenses, reference software, etc.