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Masters Student in Music Technology at McGill Univeristy


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MPEG Presentation

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Annotated Bibliography

  • Pan, D. 1995. A tutorial on MPEG/audio compression. Multimedia, IEEE. 2(2):60-74.
    • Exteremely thurough overview of the mpeg1 audio formats.
  • Rothweiler, J. H. 1983. Polyphase quadrature filters - a new subband coding technique. IEEE International Conference on ICASSP. 8:1230-1238.

    • Provides additional information about the implementatio of filter banks at the first stage of encoding and last stage of decoding
  • Nussbaumer, H. J., and M. Vetterli. 1984. Computationally efficient qmf filter banks. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 9:437-440.
    • more info about the quadraphase filter banks used first in the encoder and last in the decoder.
  • Brandenburg, K., and H. Popp. 2000. An introduction to MPEG layer-3. EBU Technical Review. June 1-15.
    • Good source for historical information on the MPEG standard
  • Pan, D. 1993. Digital audio compression. Digital Technical Journal. 5(2):1-14.
    • A great deal of overlap with the tutorial. Some expanded info on joint stereo encoding
  • mp3licensing.com, mp3licensing.com - patent portfolio, Thomson, http://www.mp3licensing.com/index.html.
    • Holder company administering all the patents that encumbre mp3 encoders and decoders. Contains information on the patents